Monday, July 14, 2014

I am so excited about posting some of my favorite classroom decorations and posters onto Teachers Pay Teachers!!  I have just opened my first store and I could not be more thrilled to be sharing these things with the world.  I have worked very hard on all of these activities and I have an ENORMOUS list of things that I still want to work on.  I can now see and really understand how addicting blogging and creating for the classroom really is.  Here are some of the things that I have posted today.  I am truly hopeful that I can also post this on Pinterest for all of my friends to follow – wish me luck!!!

Here are some pictures of my Monkey Business Clip Chart!  Isn’t is so super cute!!!  I love using this in my classroom and my sweet Kinders do a great job responding to it.  If I have a Kinder who needs a few too many reminders then they will clip down.  L  Each time my Kinder clips down, they have different consequences.  1st time is their warning.  2nd time we choose a consequence and the third clip down, I need to contact parents either by phone call or by note.  I really love it when the Kinders clip up for making great choices.   I am ALWAYS looking for ways they can clip up providing them with some great positive reinforcement.  They enjoy the knowledge that they are moving up and I enjoy the fact that it is so easy breezy to maintain.  
At the end of each day, my Kinders will color in a square from their calendar – shown here –

The parents have gotten a letter home at the beginning of the year really explaining what each color is for so there really is no confusion for them!  See 0 easy breezy just the way I like it cause who has time or energy to write a letter/note/behavior chart for each student???  Not this teacher!!!
Anywho – I hope you like the clip chart – feel free to visit my TPT store to pick up your copy!!  Clink on the link here!!!  Enjoy!!

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