Monday, August 25, 2014

WOW!  I just can't believe that the end of summer is HERE!!!!  I am officially back to work as of tomorrow :(  I am looking forward to seeing my new class of Kinders though - I am always so curious to see what they are going to be like!  Am I going to have a "Golden Year" or a not so shiny one???  I am a bit nervous about the amount of energy I will be using over the next few weeks!  Thankfuly my husband is also a teacher (High School so this is not as tough of a month for him!!!)  so he understands the pressures  I am under at this time!!!  Did I mention that two of my boys are also football players - one Varsity!!!  one for our local "Little League" football team so I have practice 6 days a week to contend with also!!  WOW!!!

In honor of BTS for me and many others, Linda from Primary Instirations is having a Back to School Linky party!  Many of us have linked up our FAVORITE back to school ideas to make the transition easier for us and the kiddos!  Head on over to her blog here to see what has been posted - I posted a few of my favorites over there as well...
My Complete Dolch Word Cards Set
This set gives you all 220 words in super cute Polka Dot theme!  Great for word walls, flash cards, Daily 5...

I have also added my super cute Polka Dot Classroom Schedule Cards and Job Chart - I LOVE Polka Dots in  my classroom :)

Finally, I added my Monkey Theme Teacher Resource and Organized Binder - I can't believe how many of these products I have sold!!  It is my BEST SELLER!!!  I'm very excited about that - I love the Monkey in my classroom and it makes me so happy that other people do as well!!

What are some of your favorite Back to School things to use in your classroom???  Leave me a comment so we can share!!!
Enjoy your day!!

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